Invest Time Away from Your Business: Take a Corporate Retreat

Team Retreats

By Clarus Real Estate, Inc, Christine Baird | 26 May 2017


In order to grow your company, it pays to take some time away from your business in order to focus more clearly on your business.

During the daily responsibilities of running a business, typically there is no time to plan for the future, to strategize, and to think about company growth.  Physical time away is critical for growth and productivity of your business.

Company retreats are about taking time away from the office to set strategic goals and priorities, work on major projects, and bond with your team.

Focus on Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves setting priorities, focusing on productivity, strengthening operations, ensuring that all stakeholders are working toward common goals, establishing company buy in, monitoring outcomes and results, and assessing and adjusting the organization’s direction.

Many small business owners struggle to find enough time to manage the day-to-day demands of running a business while also delivering value for their customers which should be a top priority.

To stay on top, you need to continuously analyze your strategy. Good business strategy is about providing first-rate, hard-to-copy customer value. It is about influencing the future, not reacting to it.

New surroundings at a company retreat can inspire and enhance effective brainstorming sessions for new company strategies.  By setting aside focused time on strategic planning every month or quarterly, you may be making the best possible investment you have made in your business yet.

Focus on Team Building

Small business owners can improve productivity by investing in a company retreat. Team building significantly contributes towards employee motivation, building trust among the employees, and promoting better productivity.

When employees relax, they communicate better, both with you and each other, and can discuss new perspectives on the business.

Employees are more productive and motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement in establishing their company’s goals and values.  A planned retreat motivates employees because it incites their creative participation in setting goals and contributing to decisions.  Equally important, effective retreats can develop concrete approaches for tackling difficult organizational problems.

The key to a successful company retreat, is to define a reasonable agenda that does not overload the employees with work during the retreat.  Especially since the goal is to stimulate future productivity by helping your employees reconnect and relax.  A company retreat allows the team to regroup and rediscover their passion for their work.

Where to Focus

Going off-site is the point of a company retreat.  The retreat should be in a relaxing, comfortable location with retreat amenities and far enough away for the team that they will not be tempted to run home or to the office to take care of something.  Make it somewhere remote where people can disconnect from the outside world but connect with each other.  The informal climate encourages people to be more open and clear with one another in ways that an often rushed office environment does not.

Ideal retreat amenities include overnight accommodations, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, large, communal kitchens, catering services, transportation services, team building activities, and nature and outdoor activities.

Studies have shown that immersing yourself in nature is a proven way to boost your creativity.  For example, for companies that want to do a company retreat in New England, the Auberge at Feather Hill, offers an ideal location with all the essential retreat amenities.

A retreat is an opportunity to inspire creativity with your team, a time to remove yourself and team away from the day-to-day tasks, and develop the next steps for your company.  Design your retreat agenda focusing on strategic goals and take advantage of the time you have together to discuss and reach those goals.  Invest in this valuable time away from the office.

More information about this Corporate Retreat at the Auberge at Feather Hill.



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